Laurel Park at Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia

Today I went on an adventure.

I went with my sister in-law and brother in-law to Helen, Georgia so our kids could see Santa and Mrs. Claus. To my surprise, my daughter hopped right up in Santa’s lap and didn’t cry.

Then we traveled back home via Hwy 129, Cleveland Hwy and stopped at Laurel Park on Lake Lanier.

If I told you we were going to Laurel Park just to play on the playground or walk the trails, I’d be telling you a tall tale.

We were on a mission.

To uncover Looper Speedway.

My grandmother made the 6 o’clock news, talking about Looper Speedway. I noticed in an article in the AJC, they call it Gainesville Speedway. Click here to view that video on

Aside from details, there is a racetrack under Lake Lanier. We found the bleachers, proof it exists today.

Here, Blake and I pose with the kiddies on the Looper Speedway bleachers!

Blake’s getting a piece of the bleacher as a keepsake. Of course, I had to bring home a piece too.

I love this picture because it says “community.”

Kari and I met a couple as we were looking for the bleachers. I could smell the coffee wafting with the steam out of their coffee mugs as we climbed upon the steep land left when the water was pulled out of the lake. This couple, I never caught their name, lives in a cove near the boat ramp at Laurel Park. Laurel was one of the first boat ramps closed by the Corps in October. This couple’s dock is sitting on dry land. But like us, they were out exploring and together we found the bleachers. The couple is in the background, talking with the other explorers. I told the lady there’s nothing like a dried up like to bring a community together.

Click Here for an article out of the Atlanta Journal & Constitution that has some pretty cool pics of things people are finding as the lake continues to go down.