Pinterest: Inspiration to Creation

Pine Knoll Shores, NC

It’s no secret that I love being near water. Streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans inspire and calm me. The photo above is from my trip to Pine Knoll Shores located in the Southern Outer Banks area in North Carolina.

It’s difficult to be inspired by just sitting at your desk, day in and day out. Or maybe you practice your hobby on that big old comfy sofa. Maybe you kick back in your recliner and type witty prose. For me, I’m inspired when I’m driving. But sometimes, it’s not always convenient to drop everything and drive. Sometimes, walking down the sidewalk isn’t possible. Maybe you’re a busy mom or dad and your baby is asleep. Baby sleep time was always my writing time! Now, I have to grab a few moments when I can between work and kid activities. If you have an infant or busy toddler, you don’t want to disturb the little sweetheart by gathering them up in the car seat or stroller if you’ve finally gotten them down for a nap!

And though I love driving, I can’t write while driving. First of all, there is a Hands Free law in my state meaning, you should not be using your phone, or other, while driving. Luckily, my memory is pretty good when it comes to creating new stories. I like to turn on the radio and head out onto the open road. Sometimes I’ll stop and take photos if the scenery is one I want to share or remember. Follow my Instagram page for photos like that.

Another tool I use for inspiration, especially when I need ideas but can’t physically go, is to go online to Pinterest. Here is a link to my Pinterest page for my new release Hope Between Us. I’ve been pinning all sorts of things here.

I also search Pinterest for recipes. I rarely use a cookbook. Pictures and videos, links to blogs or websites, are all so convenient on Pinterest. As far as writing goes, I can look up photos of my favorite actor or actress. I will many times model my character off of the actor I’ve chosen. A while back I was writing about a character who lived in a mansion. I’ve been in several large homes but I needed something to spark my memory. I pinned a couple of homes I found on real estate sites and on Pinterest.

You can also get your friends involved and collaborate on a Pinterest board. There are many opportunities to be inspired using this online tool. It’s one of my favorites. I hope you’ll find you can use it, too, and that it will help you create, even when your creative well feels dry. What inspires you? Do you use Pinterest? Happy creating and pinning!