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Aimee McClain returns home to Point Peace, Georgia, hoping for a fresh start. She wants to find a new treatment for her seven-year-old son’s Aplastic Anemia. After the devastating loss of her parents and her husband Aimee can’t lose someone else she loves, but as a single mom with limited resources, she’s running out of time and her son’s life is at stake.

Ever since being behind the wheel the night his best friend died, Seth Garrett works hard to help people. He is a coach and a teacher, he helps his parents, he feels like his debt of sorry will never be paid. At first, Aimee is just another person who Seth can help, but soon he realizes her trouble is a lot more than fixing an old car.

The Kevin Ridley Walk/Run, an event Seth started ten years earlier to honor his best friend, has garnered statewide attention and continues to raise money for underprivileged youth. When Aimee’s family asks Seth to help her organize a bone marrow drive and fundraiser for her son, he jumps at the chance to help the pretty widow and her adorable child.

Aimee, fighting to make ends meet in the face of Luke’s illness and single parenthood, doesn’t like this interception with Seth. He may not remember her now, but Aimee knows in time the truth of Seth’s accident will come out. How can they continue a relationship, build a new life together, with this between them?

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Daniel Avery has worked tirelessly to continue the legacy of the Avery Farm, and Cattle Ranch started by his grandparents. He’s known as a shrewd businessman, but his home office is the complete opposite. And with his sometimes irritable attitude, anyone would have to be desperate to work as his office assistant.

Jessa Ryan happens to be desperate. Discarded by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Jessa’s confidence is at an all-time low. As the foreman’s daughter, she grew up on the Avery Ranch. But, when she got older, she decided farming wasn’t her thing. She’d rather paint the landscape than drive a tractor over it. Harboring a secret, Jessa has dropped out of nursing school and returned home to pursue her artistic dreams. Working as Daniel Avery’s office assistant is as appealing as the sound of fingernails scraping a chalkboard, but Jessa lacks choices, money, and time.

Disfigured by a fire when he was twelve, memories of his abusive parents haunt Daniel. He feels he owes his life to his foreman, Buck, who saved him from the fire, but Daniel believes he’s too much like his father to marry or have children.

Sparks fly between Jessa and Daniel from day one, but soon her secret is revealed. When her safety is threatened, Daniel realizes he’ll go to any length to protect those he loves. Suddenly, the lifestyle he once rejected is the path he’s fighting to secure. He’s scared of rejection, but he’s more afraid of losing Jessa.

Though Daniel offers everything she needs, Jessa fears Daniel’s motives for being with her are all wrong. Will Daniel leave her when life gets hard? Or is he a cowboy devoted to keeping his promises?

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Christmas in Hickory Creek is usually a joyous occasion. The ladies in the Sheridan family participate by making festive stockings and blankets, mittens and caps, but knitting can only get a girl so far. The past seasons haven’t been favorable to the oldest Sheridan daughter, Susannah, who’d like nothing better than to skip Christmas.

Or, she’d rather be racing… But her father feels a woman’s place is sewing and knitting, cooking and cleaning, not changing oil and tires on pit row.  When Susannah’s brother suffers an injury during one of his races, it’s apparent that Frank Sheridan won’t be able to compete in the long awaited Christmas Race.

When smooth-talking race promoter Terry Boone, convinces Susannah she’s just what the racing scene needs, she’s ready to browse her local salvage yard in search of the perfect car. Boone’s promises ease the heartache she experienced after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her months earlier. But everyone is against Susannah racing, even her own family… except for one man, Nick Mackenzie, of whom she’d like to pretend didn’t exist.

Detective Nick Mackenzie didn’t count on his best friend getting injured, nor did he count on Susannah entering the race with the help of Boone. Now, Nick must keep Susannah out of danger, while keeping his focus on putting the shady race promoter behind bars. The problem remains Susannah hasn’t forgiven Nick for introducing her ex-boyfriend to his new wife and she blames Nick for contributing to her heartbreak! But what caused Susannah’s heartache has presented the chance for Nick to finally confess his love for her. This Christmas, can Nick catch the crook and a wife?

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