Universal message

It’s driving me crazy, but I can’t remember who I read about who advised an author should give a “universal message” when asked what they’re writing about instead of giving a detailed explanation of the story. It makes sense. Details can get boring. That’s why when you’re writing your query letter or pitching to an agent or editor, you give them a quick blurb about your story or the “hook”. It’s gotta be quick and it’s got to grab and hold onto their attention, thus, why we call it a “hook”.

This ‘universal message” thing really struck a chord with me. And when it struck, everything became clear as if the Lord had turned on a light inside of me. I write about flawed Christians. People who believe, or once believed, and have strayed. Life happens and it is so easy to turn away from God, and faith in His plan, to look at what’s going on around us. My stories are about these people, C.U.C’s, and how they returned home, to God.

C.U.C.? What’s that?


That’s who I am and probably who a lot of you are. We believe in Jesus Christ and who he was, who he still is. Born of a Virgin, purely righteous, He walked, talked, lived and taught man. Though He was sinless, He died on a cross between two criminals, bearing all of our sins; the last sacrificial Lamb. Three days later, He rose again. He did all of this for you and me. To have everlasting life, all we have to do is believe.

But I believe, as Christians, there’s more to it. When people look at us, they see our testimony. How you speak, treat others and act, are all a reflection of Jesus Christ. That’s my problem. I don’t always make the best choices. Many times I speak before thinking, sometimes those words are harsh, and usually are aimed at the ones I love the most. When I listen to and participate in gossip, I’m not glorifying God, I’m giving Satan the upper hand. When I let my negative thoughts get the best of me, about a situation or someone, I’m not walking in the pathway Jesus set before me. These are the little things that make the biggest differences, even when we don’t realize it, when we’re looking the other way, not focused on Him.

I fail every day and every day I start over again.

Every minute, I should admit.

“Lord Forgive me,” I’ll say.

Then five minutes later, I’ve done it again. I need help, but it’s the kind of help that won’t come from a doctor or a prescription. It comes from above and from consistent and faithful prayer.

For a long time, I didn’t get it.

I’ve got it now, but I’m still a clumsy child of Christ, learning to live for Him, failing, then picking myself back up again and moving forward.

I’m reopening this blog as a forum for me, an unknown writer, to share what I know, feel, and believe about many topics from faith to writing to family to just me. And as you read you’ll see, I’m just a C.U.C.