Seeking Him

Yesterday started off pretty typical.

My husband was off work, so he went fishing, needing a day to unwind from a harrowing work weekend.

I went to town to return clothes that didn’t fit ~ I always have my daughter and she doesn’t allow much dressing room/shopping time.

We stopped by my mother in-law’s on the way home so my daughter could visit her Nana and cousin. I went out to grab lunch and while I was out, my husband called my cell to ask me to go home because our security alarm was going off and he had been called. Since he was in the middle of the lake, I’m the appropriate candidate.

I rushed home, luckily was only two miles away, and walked around the house until the police officer arrived. Everything was in tact. The officer came inside with me and looked around. No doors or windows had been upset. All was as I’d left it (a cluttered mess, but thankfully was our mess). Apparently, the motion detected was from the living room.

Our security alarm is set up where my dog can walk through the house, but it will go off if anything above my puppy’s weight goes through. It’s been in place for several months with no problems. It was a beautiful day today, and aside from a power outage that happened where I was in town, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

But I’ve been thinking about the security alarm going off and as a woman and a mom, I of course worry. Our family has gone through some traumatic instances and that makes me more concerned than I probably would’ve been had this happened several years before.

Yet, there’s a flip side to my worry. I call it a blessed assurance. I have no proof, but I do have faith.

In unexplained occurrences, I look to God. Did he need me at home for those few minutes? I won’t have that answer immediately. I may never know. But I wonder if His hand was upon me and that alarm brought me home to keep me out of harms way. It delayed my journey ~ was that to allow something else to happen? Maybe the slightest conversation, a joyful action that occurred in my absence that wouldn’t have happened had I been present. . .

I’m not trying to be weird here, but the thing is I know God’s present in my life, even when I’m not waking up every morning giving Him the glory I know I should.

I’m a C.U.C.

That’s what this blog is all about. I’m a Christian who doesn’t always rise to the occasion, who doesn’t always witness to the person in need because I’m afraid, who doesn’t always say the right thing, who most of the time says the wrong thing. I’m not proud of these things I admit. . .

Without getting too personal, I’ll tell you I’ve been in a personal upheaval. Doubting decisions I’ve made where family was concerned. Doubting decisions I’ve made concerning personal finances and friendships. Doubting myself as a mother and a wife.

Today I picked up a devotional magazine I receive every month from In Touch Ministries. I hadn’t touched it since Sunday, was in the same spot I left it, as a matter of fact. But this evening, I picked it up and flipped to the article by Mimi Knight: Bad Examples Good Parents Set. One scripture made me stop.

2 Corinthians 12:9
“My strength is made perfect in your weakness” (NKJV)

Mimi doesn’t know me and she didn’t know this would speak to me.

But God did.

Thank you, Lord.

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