This weekend. . .

I went to a book signing!!

It was for Amy Wallace and her first book Ransomed Dreams. I’ll be giving a free copy away in less than 2 weeks so stay tuned for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance book tour!!

The book signing was at Lifeway Christian Bookstore. My friend Margaret went with me. I credit Margaret for sparking the writing bug in me.

When I worked full time, Margaret and I would walk trails in the technology park after work. While walking it’s easy to cover many subjects, especially depending on the amount of time or miles you cover. Since we both love to read, Margaret is a much more avid reader than me, I eventually admitted to playing on my grandmother’s typewriter as a kid, pretending I was writing a book. I guess after tossing around story ideas, Margaret said: “You should write a book.”

So I did.

It was horrible.

I pulled it out this weekend thinking I would send the last chapter to a contest and knew after I’d changed POV (point of view) six times in the first two pages I needed to go back to the editing board on that one!

But back to the book signing Saturday. Amy looked really pretty and was standing at the front of the store. She had a lot of supporters there and we all stood around her and blocked the isle. It was so much fun. She had two tables, one for her books and another table had all these yummy snacks ~ sandwiches, Chick-fil-A nuggets, chocolate candies and cookies. She had a fountain of chocolate with marshmallows for dipping.

Ane Mulligan gave Downey, my two year old daughter, a chocolate dipped marshmallow and Downey loved it. Needless to say, she was literally bouncing around the bookstore after that and we left soon after. LOL!!! I have laughed about Downey enjoying that chocolate marshmallow all weekend! Wish I’d gotten a picture of that! Thanks, Ane!

It was definitely a fun day and I am glad Amy’s book signing was my first because she is really a special lady. Margaret and I walked away with a good memory.

Margaret took pictures of Downey and I,for a scrapbook she’s planning.

BTW, Margaret is pretty crafty. She was talking about us doing a decoupage for Mother’s day. I would love to do that sort of thing but I’m afraid I would end up decoupaging my child!

Am I spelling decoupage right, anyway?

We got one with Amy, so if I ever get a copy from Margaret, I’ll post it here, on my virtual scrapbook… It’s decoupage free.

3 thoughts on “This weekend. . .

  1. Christy,THANK YOU so much for coming to the launch party! Your being there, meeting Margaret, and seeing Downey again are now wonderful memories! I’m fixing to blog about the day with pictures as soon as I get a little caught up on email. đŸ˜‰

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