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These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking
(WATERBROOK Press June 19, 2007)
Melody Carlson

As I learned Cassidy Cantrell had never owned anything Valentino in her life, but decided to splurge on a pair of Valentino boots, and open up a credit card, I could see myself in the store beside her! Then, the 31 year old, who’s biological clock is ticking and she hopes that any day her boyfriend is going to propose, wears them to work to be walking into a lay off of her department! And then, only like a day or two later, her boyfriend breaks up with her for the chic Cassidy befriended at church!

Somehow, as I sat cross legged on my couch, book in hand, I felt like Cassidy was sitting next to me and we were old girlfriends, her spilling her story of the last few months of torture! As she searched her apartment for a Snickers bar, I was looking in my cupboards for one too, just to break open and share with her!

I don’t remember if this is when she learns her Valentino credit card has been stolen and suspects her “friend” across the hall, Monica or not! But soon, Cassidy is lending a helping hand to Monica’s ex-boyfriend Will, because Monica walked out on him, too! – and they’re sharing sob stories and Chinese food. It’s around this time, Will’s not looking like such a slouch, or is Cassidy just on the rebound?

But Cassidy is a smart girl and she heads home to lick her wounds and regroup with her Mom, who’s totally reformed from the down and out divorcee to a hot, real estate saleslady who’s caught the eye of a hot guy Cassidy’s age. Good grief! When did Cassidy’s Mom do a 360? Who can tell who’s the mom and daughter anymore? Is Cassidy ever going to get a break? Is she going to survive the spinning class her Mom talks her into? Is she going to land a better job? Is Cassidy going to find the man of her dreams in an older man or will it be an unlikely ally?

I’m not telling – You need to read this book and enjoy every page of it.

Let Cassidy be your new best friend. But have the junk food ready… as you laugh with Cassidy, you’ll be ready to box for her too. That’s what girlfriends are for. Have the Snicker’s bar ready and happy reading – this one’s a keeper!

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Melody Carlson has published over 100 books for adults, children, and teens, including On This Day, Finding Alice, the Notes from a Spinning Planet series, and Homeward, which won the Rita Award from Romance Writers of America. She and her husband, the parents of two grown sons, make their home near the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon. Melody is a full-time writer as well as an avid gardener, biker, skier, and hiker.