Our Koi Pond

This is our pond. It is built in to our deck in the back yard. My husband built it a few years ago. He got help in framing the deck from his friend Gaspare. Billy’s brother, Charles, helped with the remaining construction.

We have both goldfish and Koi in the pond. Our dog Mack will sneak a drink of water from it on occasion. Our daughter likes to feed the fish and stick her feet in the water.

The fish are so friendly, they will come up to top of the water when we approach. I’m trying to show that in this picture. One of my favorite fish, a large black and white Koi will stick his mouth out of the water and move it like he’s talking!

Another of my favorites, a Shubunkin goldfish – will come up to the top and quickly dive back down, splashing water on us with his tail.

These fish really have some sassy personalities!

These fish are like family. Some Billy and I purchased as babies and it’s been a joy to watch them grow. They get bigger depending on the size of your pond. Some of these fish are Billy’s Dad’s. Bill passed away five years ago and Angie, my mother in-law, took care of the pond as long as she could, but the upkeep on the pond and fish can be tough. A few months ago she closed the pond and gave Bill’s fish to us. It is also a joy to pick out the ones that belonged to him and see that they are thriving.

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