And so, Draft One begins…

Yep, I started Chapter One of my new MIP.

The MIP’s working title is Where He Leads, book one of the Social Circle Chronicles.

BTW, MIP stands for Masterpiece in Progress.

I can say that here, because this is my blog. But this is the only place you’ll see me typing that. When on, everything I write is an MIP.

Good or not.

That’s my rule.

Anyway, I am declaring this because the writing meter has also changed.

I’ve got 1000 words written so far in Draft One/Chapter One of WHL.

Although I have a heck of a lot of words written between the snowflake of WHL and my GMC charts (which I plan to blog about soon – because these things are great!), this word count is the one that actually counts!

Never mind I’ve revised the five/six pages about three times. I do plan to move on. Remember, this is my MIP. Making a masterpiece does take time and patience.

Prayers for perseverance are welcome.