One-Eyed Jack by Paula Miller

About the book:

From the back cover:
Trust the Lord to Find a way

The first in the Faces of History Series, this story tells the tale of a boy, Nate, who lives on a cattle ranch in 1880’s Montana.

Nate has always wanted a dog, but his Pa does not. Only grudgingly does Pa allow Nate to keep the nearly dying puppy he finds in the field. Nate must struggle to control his new dog and allow the Lord the time to sway Pa’s heart.

Faces in History is a series dedicated to showing children and teens of faith during different periods of history. The hero of each tale overcomes their personal obstacles with perseverence and faith in the Lord. Written to entertain, these books also serve as an inspirational tool for any child of faith.

Children love stories of kids and their pets and Paula Miller shares one that is sure to win their hearts.” Janette Oke, beloved author of Christian fiction


Awarded the November 2006 Book of the Month by KidMagine


My review:

One-Eyed Jack by Paula Miller is a wonderful children’s book.

While on a cattle run with his Pa, Nate finds a dying puppy. Though it is with reluctance, Nate’s father allows him to bring the puppy home, not expecting it to live through the night. Jack grows stronger every day with the love and nurturing he gets from Nate, his grandpa, brother and sister.

This is a tender tale of a young boy finding his way. Nate must learn to keep Jack under control, but is growing up right along with One-Eyed Jack. Together, they get lost in the woods and face one of nature’s most challenging obstacles! I imagined David fighting Goliath!
This is a book that I enjoyed and plan to share it with my nephews, cousins and one day my daughter (Well, I read her a few excerpts as I was going along!)
I think this is one you’ll want to share with your children.

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