ACFW Conference – Dallas!

The American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, Texas was awesome! From the time I stepped off the plane on Thursday until Sunday when I returned home, I hardly stopped! I can say that honestly, even being the mom of Downey, the busiest two-year old I’ve ever met.

ACFW conference was kicked off Wednesday by an Early Bird Session with Margie Lawson. Unfortunately, I didn’t sign up for that, but spent the rest of the conference hearing how magnificent Margie’s class had been. Darn. Why do I always miss the important stuff?

No worries. Thursday I attended a meeting for First-Time Attendees. Brandilyn Collins and Cara Putnam welcomed us and shared some insider information. This was proceeded by a month of emails, just for the first-timers, where we could send Cara and Brandilyn questions. These ladies made sure to answer all our questions on the email loop, included some other ACFW members in the loop who shared their opinions and wisdom. When Thursday arrived, our group of about 150+ didn’t have many questions. We were ready to step out into the real world of writer’s conferences and have a blast. I hope my fellow first-timers had a successful time, as I did.

Following the first-time attendees meeting, the conference began with a First Act Play. A group of writers acting as ACFW board members kicked off our weekend with a hilarious performance. Below is a picture of the gang. I’m sorry I don’t know everyone, but the chick in the ball hat is my fellow FAITH sister Angie Breidenbach, in the role of Randy Ingermanson.

Here’s a hazy picture of a Texas sunrise. Please forgive the glare of my camera and the dirty window. It was as close as I could come to the real thing. I knew if I tried to run downstairs to get outside, I’d lose my point of view and the sun would already be up. God doesn’t mess around, you know.

Here I’m at a morning worship service. That’s Rachel Hauck at keyboards and on lead vocals. She’s got a great voice and I sat beside her in one of the workshops. I took the opportunity to tell her how much I enjoyed Diva NashVegas and shared with her some of my favorite scenes. (you can check out my review of that book under my label of “Books I Recommend”)

Saturday, I took Dissecting a Novel – a workshop taught by author Tamera Alexander. Check back with me later in the week as her third book will be toured on the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and I’m planning to feature all three of her books – stories you MUST read!

Doggone it.

Photo op with one of my favorite authors and I look all squinty. Oh well, the class was good and I received a lot of good information.

* * *

Saturday night, just before the awards banquet. It’s the F.A.I.T.H. Girls! – Well, four of us anyway! Me, Angie, Mindy(my superfun roomie), and Genesis finalist Jennifer.

Jennifer had two manuscripts final in the Genesis contest. She placed 3rd in the Contemporary Romance category for By His Plan. She placed 2nd in the Historical Romance category for Promised Blessings.

Way to Go, Jenn!!!

More good news! Ane Mulligan, fellow ACFW/WORD member, took 2nd place in the Genesis Women’s Fiction category for her manuscript When the Wind Blows.

Congratulations Ane!

Here’s Jennifer running from an adoring fan (Angie Breidenbach)!

Proud FAITH Sisters!
Missy and Lindi ~ We missed you!

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