Maysville Fall Festival

Saturday I traveled to Maysville, Georgia for their fall festival.

There were pony rides, face painting, funnel cakes and big jumping things for the kids. I went for the parade and to see my nephew, Ricky, walk in the parade with the Cub Scouts. The folks in the parade threw candy. Here’s a self portrait of me and little me, who couldn’t wait to try a sucker!

Here come the Scouts!

There’s Ricky!

Here comes the fire truck, the people shout Hooray!
(That’s a phrase from Barney – yes my mind is warped by a purple dinosaur)

The big chicken!

The Church wagon

I love horse drawn carriages but feel sorry for the horses hooves, clomping on that hard asphalt.

Seeing the old tractors was a lot of fun.

This guy was supposed to be Frosty the Snowman.

I love this building. Every time I visit Maysville, and see this building – not sure if it used to be a restaurant, or what – but I can see the potential of a story there. Imagine weaving a story around the people who worked and visited the “Yellow Rose of Maysville.”

I smell a historical brewing…

More pictures to come of the cool vintage cars and hot rods that were also in the parade! Check back later in the week!

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