Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

My baby turns three today!
I took a day off of work. We took her to the mall, we rode the carousel. She had her picture made. We went to the big balloon jumpy-thing -moon walk – whatever they’re called and jumped and jumped and jumped.

Then we had our first ride on the boat. It was a beautiful afternoon and I remembered my camera.

I dreamed up a song for her when I kept her wrapped in a bundle of blankets. I still sing it to her, but now she sings it back. It goes something like this:

I’ve got me a baby… her name is Downey… she is so pretty… I love her so… I love her sooo!

She loves to play with her dolls. I’m grandma to probably 50 baby dolls, scattered between our house, grandma and nana’s house. She loves to cook. She loves to draw. But I think she’s going to be the type of woman who can hold her own with a wrench. She’s already digging into her dad’s toolbox, wanting to fix everything!

Every day she amazes me. I never imagined what being a mom was really all about.

Thank you, dear baby girl, for helping me realize how much greater life is with you in it.