Beautiful, heartbreaking, forever-fighting…

This is a biomedical mom.

My friend Therese told me about her website a few months ago. Procrastinator that I am, I put it off. I would forget, or email bogged me down, or there was always something going on.

Tonight I am online going from one site to the next and I decide to visit this website. Biomedicalmom. Therese is an intelligent woman, a stay at home mom who reluctantly accepted that position. She has two beautiful children. Her oldest has Autism.

I spent Sunday evening at a birthday party for Therese’s youngest. Sawyer turned 2 and her older brother Parker was surrounded by all girls. He didn’t care. He wanted Sawyer’s birthday card and in the end, got one of his own. There were seven kids there, ranging from 10 years to 2.
At one time they found Parker’s sauna and decided it made a pretty cool doll house.

The kids didn’t care that Parker and Quince have Autism.

But as I hung out with the adults and heard two mom’s sharing stories about the response they received from parents, at school, at church, I was upset and amazed.

I suppose I expect everyone to do the right thing. To act in a mature manner. I don’t like to think about the fact that adults will keep their kids away from other kids. If they have a learning disability, they may be toxic to their kids, right?


How we act in grade school, how we treat others in high school, isn’t always a far cry from the way we treat others as adults.

I am blessed to have a daughter who is typical.

But I am even more blessed to have such a wonderful friend who has such precious children. These are kids that my daughter calls “friend.”

If you’d like to learn more about Therese and her family, and being a biomedical mom, visit her site. Sign her guest book and tell her how you learned about her. I can’t wait to see her smile!