My Last Try Draft

Despite last week’s full days of Vacation Bible School – which was so much fun, I’d like to add – I have come out of the busy fog I’ve been in and AM WRITING, WRITING, WRITING!

Praise God! I’m writing!

It’s like the story I’ve been revising to completion, has suddenly come together! I’ve written a few of the last scenes, just not the final yet. I’ve plumped up the beginning and have been plowing through toward the middle. Sometimes, the middle is the hardest, but I’m focusing on the goal – focusing on the black moment and have written a piece of it. I’ve titled this document my “Last Try Draft.”

Why call it my Last Try? Because until this point, I’ve been totally frustrated with this story. It was good enough to gain an editor’s attention and she asked for a full. But since last fall I’ve been floundering. I finally decided a few weeks ago that I couldn’t work on this story any more. I was determined to give it One Last Try and if that didn’t work, that was it. I was at split ends about it. Frustrated because I’d finished the story. Sad because I didn’t have the energy to plow through the needed revisions or re-write. Mad at myself because I didn’t work hard enough on it when I had more time.

But now, I’m back in the saddle. This horse is gonna finish whether we’re racing through the finish line or crawling. Thank you Jesus for making me wait! This revision is going to be the best. And one day, it will be published!

I may be ninety, but it’s going to happen…