Burt’s Pumpkin Farm

Beyond Dawsonville Georgia located at 4801 Highway 52 is a place I know has become a tradition for many families. Burt’s Pumpkin Farm is a place my family has gone for years, every year as the seasons turn from summer to fall. Here are some photos.

Note this very informative and important message from Management at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm:

Downey tries to push the pumpkin!

Gotta get you some deee-licious boiled peanuts!

My niece Savannah with all those pumpkins!

My nephew Landon, Downey in the background, climbing and sitting on the pumpkins.
As you can tell, the Smith’s don’t adhere to directions very well 😉

Landon and his dad Blake waiting in the looong line for the Hay ride!

And we always have to get a slushie.

Downey, Savannah & Landon’s Nana musing over the kids.

More pics to come….