Blairsville, Georgia Trip October 11, 2008

The weekend we headed to Blairsville was the same weekend of their annual Sorgham festival. The square was packed. A parade came through at the same time we got up the mountain. The festival was taking place at Meeks Park, but I wanted to get to my mother’s first.

I detoured somewhere near the hospital, trying to avoid the square. But the bridge was out on 76 and I couldn’t pass through. I had to turn around and head back up 129. I took a route that ultimately ended up at Mulkey Gap, which was cool, as that was closer to my parent’s home.

The scene below is one I captured on the way to Mom’s. I can’t remember the street but it was between 129 and Mulkey Gap.

Isn’t that beautiful! There’s a house perched on the hill. 129 runs in front of it. I love going north just for the scenery.

I just had to take this shot, not because I’m fond of power lines, but look at that sky and the mountains and all that farm land. We always see plenty of horses and cattle on the way to my parent’s home.

Just another breathtaking landscape I couldn’t resist. Can you believe I took this AS I was driving? No, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Yet, I’m a mom of a toddler and I’ve learned to multi-task.

Fall colors are popping out all over!

Here, my daughter waters my mother’s impatiens. The last ones of the season. I believe this was the last warm weekend we had in October

A butterfly among the impatiens.