What do you want?

From a reader’s perspective, there are several things I consider before buying a book.

Who is the author? Have I read any of his/her books before? What have I heard about this book?

I look at the cover. I read the back cover. I’ll read the first line. That usually helps me make my decision. If I have time, I’ll peruse the first chapter.

What I want in a book or series is to become a part of the world the author has formed. I want to step into the heroine’s shoes and feel like I’m her for a moment. For a few minutes, I want to live someone else’s life. This can be especially delightful in a romance novel because we know the ending will be good.

One series I think about from time to time, that I think the author did well in forming her own “world” was Nora Robert’s Chesapeake Bay Series.

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