Atlanta Falcon’s, Veterans, and Fishing on Lake Lanier

How do all of these things fit together? Easy! The Falcon’s hosted the Vets from Fort Gordon in Augusta at Lake Lanier for a day of Fishing with the Falcons. My husband, Billy, was asked to participate. We looked forward to this day for weeks.

The event took place Tuesday May, 19th at Van Pugh Park. Here’s Billy’s rig in our driveway. It was a very windy day and he was ready with his boat, fishing equipment and his POW and US Flags.

Next stop was for bait at the famous Dam Store on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Here, Billy hooks up with fellow Captain Corey Payne. They’re in front of Corey’s Carolina Skiff.

Ready to set sail on a very windy afternoon. Waiting for the Veterans and the Falcons.

Here’s a view of all the other boats that participated.

On the water, finally, we’ve got our honored Vets- One wearing the Michigan T-shirt and the other in the red UGA hat – Go DAWGS! One Falcon is in the front, this is Justin. The other player is Tyson in the middle.

When I think of Veterans I think of men with graying hair talking about the Gulf War, Vietnam, the Korean War and all those other battles of the past. The thing is, its so easy to take for granted the boys fighting for freedom every day. These two Vets on Billy’s boat were in their 20s! One young man was injured by a suicide bomber and the other was an IED. I saw another young woman in a wheelchair. Remember these young adults and all the soldiers that have gone before them and the many more that will continue to fight and protect our nation.

Read more about the Falcon’s Fishing Day on

After a half day of fishing, we ate some great food provided by Outback Steakhouse.

Of course, I had to get my photo with two of the players. Todd is on my right and Tyson on my left.

Here’s the Coach! Mike Smith was so gracious to our daughter Downey. She was a little shy in this picture and really clung to her daddy.

Billy & Todd

Billy and Tyson

And, Billy with the lovely cheerleaders. Not one of these girls made a bad picture.

They autographed a picture for Downey and were really sweet to her. I wish I looked that great in pictures! Downey loved meeting the cheerleaders.

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