Slice of Life: 4 year old cuties

Sometimes my daughter does things that are adorable and unforgettable.


Here’s the unforgettable ~ She wanted to paint her fingernails with bright pink nail polish, but somehow the nail polish ended up on her nails + the palms of her hands. BOTH hands!

Here’s the adorable ~ She’s really excited about being a big sister. She likes to come up to me and wrap her arms around my waist, then kiss my stomach. Normally, she says “Hey, Baby Sissy!” I’ve been reminding her every chance I have to point out the sister she thinks I’m having could be a brother. At first she wasn’t too receptive to this. In her 4-year old mind she thinks girls come from Mommies and boys come from Daddies. I explained we could have a boy or girl, only God knows.

So, the next time she came running up to me, grabbing my waist, she said, “Hey, Baby Sissy! Hey, Baby Brother!”

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