ACFW – Arrival in Denver

Today was a beautiful day to fly… Here is my view from seat F. I sat beside two ladies in route to a wedding.

For a yet-to-be-published writer, I think it can be a bit uncomfortable when someone asks you what you write. I’m sure I blushed when these ladies grilled me about who I was and what I wrote as the plane parked and we all started to file out of the tiny aircraft. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember what you write and please don’t ask me about the book I’ve been working on for five years… I wasn’t ready to pitch! I thought I’d only have to pitch to editors and agents – not my flight buddies!

I tried to steer them toward my two published friends sitting ahead of me, Julie Garmon and Missy Tippens, but these ladies were intent on trying to figure if they’d read anything I’d written, or trying to plant in their mind my name. Such sweet ladies and hopefully, if I’m ever published, they’ll remember to look for Christy LaShea on the bookshelves, instead of remembering the fluttery red-head who couldn’t remember her name or the current book she was working on.

Then again, that flight to Denver may be one fat fog for them…

Ah! The Hotel! This is the Marriott at the Denver Tech Center.
It’s a gorgeous hotel. Multicolored red carpet blankets the corridors. Stone is laid near the entryway and elevators. There are columns of what I think may be flagstone.
The hotel is huge and spacious. The staff is polite and accommodating and I think I can make this home for the next four days.