God speak

Just a couple of hours ago, I found out God speaks.

I knew He spoke to other people.

They said so.
There is no reason to believe they weren’t telling me the truth.

“God spoke to me,” they would say.

I’d be thinking to myself, yeah, right.

So, when God spoke to me, a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t realize it was Him.

I was at church when it happened.  I know what you may be thinking, Classic, Christy…. Real original.

Hey, I don’t pick the places… He does.

Like I said, I was at church. I saw two young mothers walk in with their toddlers. They sat in a pew in the middle row of church pews while I remained seated on the right side, where I always sat.  The young women came in at the beginning of service, before we had the “official” greeting of the members.

I smiled to one of the young mothers as she sat down.

I should go speak to them.

It was time to greet each other. I didn’t move from my pew, other than to shake hands with the people around me.

During service, I was cognizant of the young mothers sitting in the center pew. Their children were good, just busy. No loud screams or protests, but just busy enough to distract a mother.

After church, I left. The women were gone, but I didn’t look that hard to find them. I just wondered about them, again.

Tonight, a friend of my husband, Jared, was over for dinner. At the end of the evening, Jared told us that two friends of his family had visited our church but they visited on a day Jared wasn’t there. Jared’s wife forgot to tell him the women were going to visit our church and Jared didn’t know this, and wasn’t at church that day.

I asked Jared if the friends were two women? Did they have two children with them?

Yeah. Yeah.


I admitted how the thought to speak to the women, to introduce myself, had crossed my mind.

I also admitted how I had not followed through.

God speaks.

How many opportunities have I missed?


How many times has He whispered, but I ignored Him? I didn’t know it was Him. I thought it was my conscience, my own thought. I had no idea. He had placed it… there on my heart… there on my mind.

I have no idea what repercussions would have come IF I would have spoken to those women that day.

I can only hope, pray, they will return.

Listen for Him….

How many opportunities have you missed?

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