Her Best Catch by Lindi Peterson

Lindi Peterson’s Her Best Catch is a first person Christian romance. Now, I usually don’t read first person, but this has a romance in the story line, and I LOVE romance.

I started reading this book on Christmas night while I was trying to put my son to bed. Using my SuperNanny techniques, I was waiting for him to get out of bed so I could promplty put him right back in the bed. Since my little man likes to get out of bed on the minute, every minute, I had to be patient, but ready…. So, I’m standing at the kitchen counter, near his bedroom, Her Best Catch open and my book mark ready to be placed in said book as needed.

An hour later, my little man is asleep and I’m thinking I’ll read one more chapter…. One more chapter turned into I’m half way through the book. I can’t stop now!!!

I liked the main character, Allison Doll. She’s a little snarky, in a nice way and I didn’t feel she realized how attractive she was to Ashton Boyd, the relief pitcher for the Braves who happens to visit her Sunday School class. Our hero, Ashton Boyd was a guy I wanted to know more about. What was his story? I mean, a hunky relief pitcher just shows up in Allison’s Sunday School class one day and all of the sudden, he’s calling her and wanting to talk about the Sunday School lesson? Pulleeze, there’s got to be something dark in his past. Then, he shows up at her place of business in his Jag and takes her to lunch. Ohhh, he’s gonna break her heart. Don’t get in the Jag, Allison! Don’t do it… But she does… and I’ve gotta find out what happens next… Plus, Allison’s trying to plan a party for her mother’s 50th birthday and Allison’s dealing with the budding relationship of her two best friends who now are known to Allison as Trelvet (was Trent and Velvet pre-relationship days). No Spoilers here… You’ll have to read the book to find out how everything comes together.

And I did find out how everything ended…. when I finished the book four hours later.


I was very satisfied, and had gotten attached to the characters. I hated for the story to end. I’d somehow come to care about Auditor Allison Doll, with her little ponytail her Mom wishes she wouldn’t wear and her glasses. I wanted to know if Ashton was going to break her heart or not, just like her friends said he would.

Haven’t we all been there at sometime in our lives? Suddenly, Allison represented every girl at that single point in her life when it seems everyone else has someone. She represented my family member, my best friend. She represented me at one time, except she had the confidence to say what she wanted and I didn’t obtain that until I was well into my 30s…

This story made me laugh and it made my heart ache at times for Allison’s situation. It made me say “Oh, No!” I sighed at some of the tender love scenes. There is a lot of God talk in this book. There’s a lot of prayer. God is important to the characters. For me, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. I find I’m sending up prayers to God every hour – Hey, He’s there, He hears us, He loves for us to talk to Him. I think your comfort level with the “God talk” in the book will depend on your own walk with Him. But this book is purely for entertainment. Not preachy… it’s simply a book about a Christian woman who’s secure in her walk. Her Best Catch was one of these stories where you truly like the character and you want it to keep going. It’s a light-hearted story with fun characters. I give this debut by Lindi Peterson five stars!!! Loved it!

About the Author:

Along with being one of my best pals, this chick is a great motivator. She’s sensitive to others feelings and she’s David Crowder’s biggest fan! What else about Lindi?  Well, you can find her at http://www.lindipeterson.com.  She’s president of our Georgia ACFW Chapter. She blogs on Monday’s on http://www.thefaithgirls.com.
Lindi definitely believes happy endings are just the beginning. She lives out her real life romance with her husband in Georgia. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, bowl and spend time with her family.

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