Scentsy’s Scent of the Month – Sunlit Morning

Hi all, I’m excited to share with you the March scent of the month. Sunlit morning is a clean scent. It has the strength of lemon and also includes the scent of bergamont, sage and white flowers.

Personally, this scent may be the most economical that I’ve run across. I placed one cube in my Jane warmer that is between my kitchen and living room… I have an open floor plan and all is connected… I burned the one cube in the premium size warmer all night. I turned it off the next morning, went off to work. When I returned home several hours later, that scent of clean, juicy lemon was STILL in the air!

One cube!

In this warmer I usually burn 2 – 3 cubes because the room is large and open and the ceilings are high. Sunlit Morning is my current favorite.

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