Finalists for the Georgia Romance Writers 2010 Maggies are:



Sally Kilpatrick Beulah Land and the Happy Hour Choir
Ava Milone Dark Side of Overachievers
Nicki Salcedo All Beautiful Things
Susan Sands Misery, Alabama
Tracy Kelly Solheim Less Than Perfect
Sandra Tilley Call Me Cinderella
Olivia Ventura Miss Fix-It


Kimberly Dias Perpetual Light
Leah Hodge Breath of Fire
Heather Marshall Liquid Lies
Isis Rushdan Paradox
Ciara Stewart Hearts of Darkness


Patty Smith Hall Flights of Freedom
Pam Hillman Terms of Indenturement
Debbie Kaufman Into the Heart of Darkness
Carol Post Whispers in the Night
Kayla Westra Kasey’s Secret


Kathy Altman The Debt Collector’s
Jeanne Dickson Her Secret Flyboy
Jennifer McQuinston The Widow Anabilla
Sally Orr The Rake’s Handbook
Donna M Warner A Scandalous Woman


Kasey Dillard The Border States DEA Taskforce
June Faver Tempting Fate
Deborah Kaufman Orchard County Killer
Tina Edwards Vaughn The Senator’s Scandalous Affair
Ami Weaver The Nanny’s Secret



Safe By His Side Silhouette
Linda Conrad Natashya Wilson, Editor

The Secret Mistress Arrangement Harlequin
Kimberly Lang Bryony Green, Editor

A Small Town Homecoming Harlequin
Terry McLaughlin Kathryn Lye, Editor

Her Very Own Family Harlequin
Trish Milburn Johanna Raisanen, Editor

Renegade Solider Harlequin
Pat White Allison Lyons, Editor


Captive of Sin Avon
Anna Campbell May Chen, Editor

Don’t Bargain With the Devil Pocket
Sabrina Jeffries Micki Nuding, Editor

My Unfair Lady Sourcebook
Kathryne Kennedy Deb Werksman, Editor

Knight of Pleasure Grand Central
Margaret Mallory Alex Logan, Editor

Desiring the Highlander Kensington
Michele Sinclair John Scognamigli, Editor


Entertaining Angels Kensington
Judy Duarte John Scognamigli, Editor

A Silent Terror Steeple Hill
Lynette Eason Emily Rodmell, Editor

A Vote of Confidence Zondervan
Robin Lee Hatcher Sue Brower/Leslie Peterson, Editors

Fit to Be Tied Zondervan
Robin Lee Hatcher Sue Brower/Leslie Peterson, Editors

Dreaming of Home Steeple Hill
Glynna Kaye Melissa Endlich, Editor

Protector’s Honor Steeple Hill
Kit Wilkinson Elizabeth Mazer, Editor


The Strangely Beautiful Dorchester
Tale of Ms. Percy Parker Chris Keeslar, Editor
Leanna Renee Hieber

Sea Lord Berkley
Virginia Kantra Cindy Hwang, Editor

A Stroke of Magic Dorchester
Tracy Madison Chris Keeslar, Editor

The Magic Knot Dorchester
Helen Scott Taylor Alicia Condon, Editor

Immortal Wolf Silhouette
Bonnie Vanak Ann Tuttle, Editor


Hot Flash Medallion Press
Kathy Carmichael Helen Rosberg, Editor

Whisper of Warning Pocket
Laura Griffin Abby Zidle, Editor

The Treasure of Venice Sourcebook
Loucinda McGary Deb Werksman, Editor

Pitch Black NAL
Leslie Parrish Laura Cifelli, Editor

The Lost Hours NAL
Karen White Cindy Hwang, Editor


Do you remember that Kool & the Gang song – “Celebration”

The song goes like the title of this post: “Celebrate good times, come on! (da da da dum) celebrate good times, come on…”

Ah, never mind my singing… let’s just see the video… (Thanks VEVO)

Today, we’re celebrating some major news for 3 of my best Gal Pals.

Lindi Peterson – signed with Belle Books for Her Best Catch – to be released winter 2011

Dianna Shuford

Mindy Obenhaus

Finaled in the Genesis Contest in the Romantic Suspense Category!!!

So… Let’s Celebrate!! YaHoo!!! Congrats Ladies!!!

And here are the 2010 Genesis finalists:
(total entries: 47)

Cindy Hays
Lynnette P. Horner
Chris Kraft
Mark Lundgren
Christina S. Nelson

(total entries: 63)

Jeannie Campbell
Sarah Forgrave
Janice LaQuiere
Rebecca Syme
Linda Yezak

(total entries: 35)

Laurie Benton
Brenda Jackson
Robert Kaku
Lisa Karon Richardson
Katie-Marie Stout

(total entries: 65)

Susanne Dietze
Anne Greene
Pam Hillman
Lisa Karon Richardson
Ruth Trippy

(total entries: 45)

Rich Bullock
Barbara Early (double finalist with two entries)
Lynda Schab
Chawna Schroeder

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE (there was a two-way tie for the fifth finalist slot):
(total entries: 50)

Valerie Goree
Mindy Obenhaus
Leslie Pfeil
Dianna Shuford
Teri Dawn Smith
Terri Weldon

(total entries: 49)

Ben Erlichman
Suzanne Krein
Shelley Ledfors
Andra Marquardt
Holly Smit

WOMEN’S FICTION (there was a three-way tie for the fifth finalist slot):
(total entries: 76)

Lisa Buffaloe
Jennifer Fromke
Terri Haynes
Fay Lamb
Christina S. Nelson
Melissa Tagg
Michelle Ule

(total entries: 56)

Angela Bell
Lin Harris
Kasey Heinly
LoraLee Kodzo
Stefanie Morris


ACFW Saturday Night Awards Ceremony

The food at the Denver Marriott was awesome! The chef surprised us all with this delectable dessert

It was almost too pretty to eat…


Here I am with my ACFW roommate and FAITH Girl Mindy. One of the highlights to going to ACFW is hanging out with her. Too bad we live several states away.

One of the great things about living in Georgia is being a part of Writers of Remarkable Design, the Georgia Chapter of ACFW. I’m posing with Ane Mulligan, a great mentor and friend from WORD. Ane always has something delightful to share and will always make you laugh.

Had to grab a photo of my table mates!

And then the ceremony began! Here is a list of the winners:

Contemporary Fiction
Jennifer Griffith, Magpies in Trees

Contemporary Romance
Christy LaShea Smith, The Bridge Between

Historical Fiction
Christine Schmidtke, Unveiled

Historical Romance
Lacy Williams, Marrying Miss Marshal

Alan Schleimer, Q.doc

Romantic Suspense
Jan Warren, Katherine Octavia, C.I.A.

David Fry, Lies To See

Women’s Fiction
Cathleen Armstrong, The Church of Last Chance

Young Adult
Gretchen Hoffman, Rewind


I’m still shocked I won my category. What an awesome honor!

Remember Wayne’s World?


Here I am giving my acceptance speech. Of course, since I ad-libbed the speech I forgot a few people…

Thank you to my dear husband for always being so supportive of my writing. He graciously puts up with me when I’m having mood swings, when the story isn’t going as I want it to, when I’m frustrated I haven’t allowed enough writing time in my day. He gives me the free time I need to write. He makes sacrifices – he goes fishing when I need the house to myself to get the writing done. Billy is a huge part of my success!

Thank you to my mom and my mother in law for always watching my daughter so I can go to my writer’s meetings and offering to watch my daughter when I need time just to stay at home alone and write.

It’s so tough to sacrifice time away from family. It’s dedication to get up hours BEFORE my husband and child to use that time to write and not take time away from them. I’ve got a wonderful support group in my family.

Here we are, 4 of 6 FAITH sisters.

Wonderful experience.
Memorable night!

Thank you to the first round judges and the final round judges!

2009 Genesis Finalists

The slice of life for today is still all about the Genesis Contest! Here’s a full list of the finalists as announced on the ACFW loop. Congratulations to everyone!

(total entries: 44)

Sharon Ball
David W. Fry
Jennifer Griffith
Ane Mulligan
Patty Slack

(total entries: 75)

Cathy Bryant
Kathleen Haynes
Lisa Jordan
Christy LaShea Smith
Eileen Astels Watson

(total entries: 39)

Nancy Herriman
D’Ann Mateer
Christina Miller
Sandi Rog
Christine Schmidtke

HISTORICAL ROMANCE (six finalist entries due to a tie, but one is a
double finalist):
(total entries: 57)

Jody Hedlund (double finalist with two entries)
Lisa Richardson
Connie Stevens
Gina Welborn
Lacy Williams

(total entries: 45)

David Fry
Anne Greene
Dineen Miller
Lynda Schab
Alan Schleimer

(total entries: 50)

Mary F. Allen
Wenda Dottridge
Danica Favorite-McDonald
Kelly Ann Riley
Janet Warren

(total entries: 45)

Valerie Comer
Megan Ebba
David Fry
Suzanne Krein
Lisa Tuttle

(total entries: 62)

Cathleen Armstrong
Marie Wells Coutu
Candee Fick
Julie Garmon
Ashely Weis

(total entries: 37)

Kasey L. Heinly
Gretchen Hoffman
Susan Miura
Diana Sharples (double finalist with two entries)

Fabulous Friday

I am thanking God for the unexpected blessing of my manuscript finalling in ACFW’s 2009 Genesis Contest! The first round judges were great and gave me some awesome scores and helpful feedback! Hard work definitely has reward. Just to final in this contest is a huge compliment.

Whatever you are doing, keep it up and work hard at what you love.

Next week, I’ll get back on my blog schedule and review Missy Tippen’s latest book His Forever Love. Come back and join me!

His First Sermon: Forgiveness

Sunday at church I was inspired and saw things through a different looking glass. Allow me to share…

Sunday I settled in the church pew and eagerly awaited the pastor West Hall Baptist had finally called.

Pastor D’Amico started in Job 3:1. And he was talking about when we’re hurt. When someone else hurts us, wrongs us. I think all of us, from time to time, struggle with forgiveness. Perhaps someone has hurt you with their words. A person’s actions can sometimes cause grave consequences. It’s the right thing to do, to forgive someone. Saying the words, “I forgive you… I forgive him… I forgive her…” are often said, but how heartfelt are the words?

In many cases, it’s down right difficult to forgive someone. Truly forgive them. And when I think I have found forgiveness, and felt at peace about the issue, it never fails someone questions or brings up a subject that raises anger and contempt in me and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I always come back to this scripture, Matthew 6:14-15:
“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

Does this passage mean that if I can’t forgive a man’s actions against me or my family, or sometimes its a man’s lack of action that hurt as well, that I’ll go to Hell? If I believe in Christ, that He died on the cross for my sins, that He is sitting at God’s right hand, that if I can’t forgive someone of His sin that caused me or a loved one pain, that I won’t spend eternity with Him?

It was a question with out an answer and it’s been dangling in front of me for longer than I care to admit.

Back to Sunday. Pastor D’Amico opens up with Job 3:1-5. Job cursed the day of his birth. Job was hurt.

When Jesus was on the cross, He said, “Father, why have you forsaken me?”
Then darkness fell upon the earth. Darkness = Separation from God. The Spirit is no longer One at the time of darkness.

Matthew 6:22-23
“The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.
But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”
If we don’t take our hurt to Jesus, a darkness will settle in our heart.

It’s all about the cross. The cross of Jesus Christ keeps everything in the right perspective. The answer to my question, to your question maybe, about forgiving someone is this:

And Pastor D’Amico put it so simply and beautifully – “Take the hurts of our lives to the cross of Jesus Christ… WE are unable to forgive – only THROUGH Jesus Christ can we forgive them.”

He’s always there, isn’t He? Always listening to our questions. Cradling us when we cry. Alone or in the middle of the crowd, the Spirit is within us, never leaving us. He is at the right hand. Interceding for us. He is the light in the darkness. Through Him, is forgiveness for me, you and for that person who wronged you.

It can be as easy as it sounds.

We must lay our hurts at the foot of the cross, and find the forgiveness He offers.

Update on Tonka

She went through surgery Friday and they found it was an obstruction. We couldn’t imagine what it could be. The doctor saved the pieces for us. Later that evening it dawned on my husband that it couldn’t be a piece of wood or bark – that’s what it looked like – it had to be a corn cob!

Not that we give her corn cobs to chew on, but she is such a little scavenger she is always sitting by the dinner table hoping we’ll drop something. Baby girl usually answers that prayer for Tonka. When we realized it was a broken up piece of corn in Tonka’s tummy I realized the last time we had that for dinner, at least a month had passed! A month! I am not quick enough to come between the bulldog and food and wasn’t able to get it away from her – obviously!

Prayers have been answered! God is so good. Thanks so much for those who were praying with us. Some may think it’s silly to worry so much over a dog, but when they are with you every day for eight years, they quickly become part of the family and most pet-owners would agree.

Today is Sunday and Tonka has a bit of a spring in her step! She’ll get her staples out next week. We can tell she’s definitely on the road to recovery. However the next time we’re serving corn on the cob as a side for dinner, I think I’ll shave some kernels off for my daughter and make sure, just to be on the safe side, Tonka’s far away from the dinner table!


This was received as an email transmitted by echomusic on behalf of Casting Crowns 1101 17th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212

All photos and text have been copied from email.


Casting Crowns was named “Favorite Artist” at the “2007 American Music Awards” in the Contemporary Inspirational category last night at the NOKIA Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

Juan, Chris, Mark, and Hector pick up Casting Crowns’ first American Music Award

“This is an incredible honor! Wow, an American Music Award; this is voted on by our fans so it’s very special to us. We’re both humbled and honored to represent Christian music and its fans tonight,” noted Mark Hall, lead singer and youth pastor.

Juan, Chris, Hector, and Mark take on the red carpet before the show.

The award show, which aired live on ABC, was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and for the first time in American Music Awards history, winners were determined by online fan voting at A BIG thanks to everyone who voted!



Visit for more photos of the band at the AMAs. To see photos of Casting Crowns on the official AMA web site, click here.

Christy here: I can’t wait! This Friday night I’m headed to the Gwinnett Arena to see this Award Winning Awesome Band in Concert!!!