I’m back

I’m back to writing. . . Feeling the sizzle that comes with thinking about the story while cleaning the house or running errands. I love it when I have to stop what I’m doing to jot down some notes so I don’t forget it by the time I’m able to sit down at the computer. I’m getting up early and staying up late. I love it when the fever hits and I’m writing, writing, writing.

I used to do my best brainstorming in the car. When I was working the 9-5 job, I had an hour’s drive to work. Scenes would come to me as I drove. I’d make note of them and sometimes go back to writing, to elaborate on that a.m. idea, during my lunch break. I guess my mind was stimulated constantly and I’ve found now that I’m at home, it’s harder to get those creative juices flowing. Oh, I can belt out a Barney tune on command while doing the dishes and keeping an eye out for my ever-busy toddler, but dreaming up a good scene for my hero and heroine is proving a little more difficult.

God willing, the story will continue to flow so this rewrite will be complete.