6 weird things about me . . .

I’ve been tagged by my friend Lindi to share 6 weird things about me.
(I just hope I can stop at six)

1. I joined Weight Watchers twice and both times, not a day went by that I stuck to the amount of points I was allowed for the day. It was as if I was in jail and I had to break out. The last time I belonged to the program, I gained five pounds the first week! (This is in no way against Weight Watchers – they have a great program, I only wish I had the will to follow it!)

2. If there is anything sweet in my house – that I like – such as holiday chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or other goodies like this, I will continue to return to the area they are located -be it baggy or plate – and eat them until they are gone. I am not hungry when I do this, I’m just crazy and am not happy until they’re gone.

3. I begin brushing my teeth and then I walk through the house and find stuff to do while brushing my teeth (straighten up the kitchen, get clothes out of the dryer, fill the dog’s water bowl, etc, etc… (This drives my husband crazy!)

4. Watching Food Network relaxes me. Unfortunately, I don’t cook very much.

5. I pick the split ends of my hair. This also relaxes me.

6. I am the type of person who joins a gym, pays 6 months to a year in advance, shows up to work out regularly for the first month, or so, and then drops off the rest of the time. I like to tell myself that it’s my giving personality that has so graciously paid in advance to assist with the fitness center’s electric bill. (If you refer to #1 you may see a pattern here 😉