I’m a WINNER!!!


(For any one not living in the southern USA, this is what southern chicks like me say when we’re really excited. For instance, I would enter a room and say: Y’all, Guess what?)

Guess what?

I never win anything, but a month ago I entered Tamera Alexander’s contest on her website to get a copy of Remembered. All I had to do was enter my favorite scene from Revealed. Gosh, which one would I chose from? I can’t even tell you what I put. So I picked out a scene, typed it on the entry form and hit send.

Then I forgot about it.

I bought a copy of Remembered last weekend!

Then I find out ~

I Won! I Won!


I Won a book by one of my favorite authors and a bottle of perfume!


So what I plan to do is do a review of Rekindled, Revealed, and Remembered in the near future. By just reading Rekindled and Revealed, I felt encouraged to dig up the historical I started a year or two ago. Maybe historicals are where my heart is. I don’t know. To be continued on that one. But I can tell you Tamera Alexander is a gifted author and her work is truly inspiring.

After I post my review, I’ll do a book giveaway for her latest release, Remembered. I know I’ll love it as much as I have her first two books. And I hope after reading my review you’ll pick up a copy for yourself. Or maybe, you’ll go ahead and do that!

Check back with me!!