Lisa T. Bergren: The Betrayed & The Begotten

Lisa Tawn Bergren is the author of 28 books, with over 1.3 million sold. She is a publishing consultant, writer, Bible study leader, mother and wife. Her hobbies include travel (mostly from an armchair), reading, watching movies, cooking and exploring with her family. Lisa’s most recent books include The Begotten, The Betrayed, God Gave Us Heaven, What Women Want and The Busy Mom’s Devotional. She resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. To sign up for her monthly email (which includes a new, unpublished devotional) go to and join her newsletter list.

The Betrayed and The Begotten will be featured in Target stores September 4th on the Breakout Books display.

Back cover blurb:
The year is 1339, and a secret a half millennium old is on the brink of being exposed.

Centuries ago, Paul’s letters became part of the foundation of the Christian cannon. Only a few know of another letter, potentially written by Paul. Kept secret for generations, suppressed by the authorities of the Church, it speaks of men and women who, though begotten of men, possess mysterious spiritual gifts. The letter survived. So has the Church’s fear of it.

The time has come for the Gifted to gather. Even as they grow in power, so do their enemies. They must race against time to find the rest of the Gifted, and to decipher the prophecy that foretold of their coming. For only by combining their powers will they vanquish those determined to destroy them and uncover the secret of the letter that will determine the fate of the Church…and the world.

“Never has a novel been more timely…Bergren has given us an amazing story-one that proposes a fantastic ‘what if’…A wonderful read!”
–Angela Hunt, author of Magdalene

“[A] classic battle between good and evil.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“Lisa Bergren’s The Begotten is a rich and carefully crafted medieval mystery, reflecting extensive research. I felt transported to another time and place, ushered into a fascinating world. Lisa tells a compelling story, and tells it extremely well.”
–Randy Alcorn, author of Heaven, The Treasure Principle, and Deadline

“A full-bodied, absorbing tale that combines authentic historical detail with a universally appealing and gripping story that will have readers cheering…crossover appeal for J.R.R. Tolkien and Madeleine L’Engle enthusiasts.”
–Library Journal

**The Begotten was a finalist for this year’s Christy Award, one of three finalists for the Best Suspense of the Year award.**

Back cover blurb
The Year of Our Lord 1340

The secret, a half millennium old, has been revealed. An illuminated letter, long buried by the Church–prophesying a fellowship of men and women possessing powerful spiritual gifts–is the catalyst for a profound war that will bring either a new age of enlightenment or a darkness the world has never before seen. As the Gifted gather and gain strength, and find further clues as to where God is leading, their enemies grow more intent on controlling them.

Watching the Gifted from afar in Venezia is Cardinal Boeri, who is determined to use the blessed powers of the Gifted to secure his own place in the hierarchy of the Church. The doge, the duke of Venezia, has reasons of his own to seize control. But the greatest menace is the evil Lord Abramo Amidei, driven to turn the healer Daria d’Angelo to his own fold or destroy her in the process. He is determined to tear apart the firm fabric of her faith as he preys on the weaknesses of those she loves. For Amidei knows that together the Gifted are undeniably strong and growing stronger. But if he succeeds at dividing them, the Gifted–and then the world–will be his.

“A thrilling historical drama brimming with pathos and adventure from first word to last…a heart -stopping page-turner.”
–Liz Curtis Higgs, author of Thorn in My Heart

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