Three books you need to read…

After the numerous reviews that tie up the CFBA review of Tamera Alexander’s Remembered, I feel a little small following up with my review of this book. However, it’s my blog and I suppose you’re here because you found me by accident or you want to know what I think about this book.

I loved it.

I loved all of the books in the Fountain Creek Chronicles Series. You must read these in order, however if you’re a rebel and decide not to, you won’t be lost. Each novel is a story of its own. However the characters are mentioned in each preceding book.

One reviewer below said that the characters in the books come alive. That is so true. I cared what happened to each heroine and each hero.

I recently took a workshop titled “Dissecting a Novel” given by Tamera at the ACFW Conference. She suggested highlighting parts in the books that moved you, tagging your favorite scenes… Well, if I started dissecting Tamera’s series, I suppose the entire book would be highlighted, dogeared, and tabbed. These are books I want to loan to my friends and family, recommend they purchase because they are so good. And I have done just that. But they can’t go far from my bookshelf because I may want to enjoy the stories again.

If you enjoy Historicals, and you haven’t done so already, I suggest you introduce yourself to Ms. Alexander’s Fountain Creek Chronicles, then sit back in a comfy chair, because upon opening the first page, you’ll be taking a trip to the old West. And in “Remembered” you’ll be taking a voyage to France. Now that’s some awesome travelling, and you don’t even need a passport.

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