The Last Monday

Today is my last Monday as a stay at home mom.

My husband just called from work to check in. As soon as the phone started ringing, my sleeping toddler started squalling. By the tone of her cry, she didn’t like being pulled out of sleep by my cell phone (never mind, it was several rooms away from hers.)

I walk into her room as I’m talking to her dad and try to give her a little love. The call is ending with my husband and I inform baby girl that “Daddy was calling to check on you.”

What does she do? She swats my face, knocking my eyeglasses off my face.

Judging by this morning, it looks like the mornings to come when I’m getting her out of bed before dark to drag her to Nana’s so I can get to work on time will be loads of fun.

Do you detect the dread in my voice?

Who will have the hardest time coping with these new changes? Me? – the one getting swatted in the face; Toddler? – the one doing the swatting; Or Daddy and Nana? Innocents who will have to deal with two red-headed, many mornings irritable, females.

Lord help ’em. They’re gonna need it.