Change is good?

Change is good… or so I’m told. Sometimes I wonder.

Last Sunday, the pastor of our church announced he was leaving to work for Helping Hands Missions. After our pastor’s trip to Uganda in March of this year, he knew the Lord was calling him into the mission field. Our church has watched, prayed, participated in multiple missions that include our local schools, our homeless. A group from my church went to Uganda with my pastor and those of us who remained prayed for them.

Our pastor is not only the leader of our church, but also a friend. I know he is following God’s calling, but I’m still concentrating on my own flesh when I say I wish he were staying. I see the impact this church, this pastor’s heart, has had on my family’s life, and I realize that God is at work in every single thing. I know we are not to put our faith in man… still, I am torn. My family will press on. We will continue to stay at this church because we love it and are comfortable here. I don’t want this change, but it is not my decision. How can you wrestle with change when it’s completely a “God” thing?

I suppose we can wrestle all we want but in the end we know Who will win.

I’m also facing change at my job. Earlier this year, the company announced my department will be moving to another state. Other departments will fully relocate to my current location. We have the option to stay in this current town and change positions or follow our current position to the new location. I have made the choice to stay. Eventually those of us who do not move will interview for a new position. If we don’t get a position, we will be given an offer management says will be reasonable.

Some may not receive an offer.

I realize this solution is better than receiving a pink slip, but still, I’m wrestling against this change as well. I’m trying to see the bright side, but sometimes, it’s hard to see the sun through the clouds. You know its there, and there’s a definite glare, but the sun just won’t shine.

I don’t know where I intended to go with this post, other than to say that change is inevitable. Is it good? For some, it will be.  For me, stay tuned….

Making Changes

On Sunday, I blogged on FAITH how there is a time for everything. Every second of every day, I try to accomplish something, but one thing that is a consistent slip for me is meal planning. I find myself busy with everything, and then, when meal time comes, I’m at a loss. Eating out is getting more and more expensive, plus, it’s unhealthy!

On Julie Jarnagin’s blog,I read about her success using E-mealz. Basically, you choose the store that you shop most frequently and you will receive a customized menu that corresponds with the store’s weekly deals. I just signed up for this and I hope that I can plan more meals for my family and save money in the process. Already, I have an easy meal set up for tonight, something I can pull together in about an hour.


What are some ways you have learned to save time, money and get more accomplished?

Inspiring You Days 15 & 16

Yesterday I woke up and wrote. I tweaked what I’d started on my first chapters and had to cringe at how bad the writing was. Thank the Lord for revisions!

This morning I woke up and made a layered dip for the food day we’re having at work. It felt strange getting up and heading to the kitchen to make something edible, beyond coffee. Then, on to the story…

But I’m having issues with this WIP. I love the story, of course. It’s just I haven’t been able to get a good handle on it yet. I also reworked my GMC chart yesterday. I can feel a tug where the story is concerned. A tug to move forward but also a tug in the other direction. When I feel this way, I do tend to go back to the GMC Chart to see if my goals and motivations are strong enough and if they work with the conflict.

On a positive note, hop on over to the FAITH Blog, where Missy Tippens is talking about dreams. She’s also giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. Leave a comment to put your name in the hat AND tell her about what your dream is.

My current word count is 4,615. Not much improvement, but I am plugging forward. We have 10 days left in our challenge. Some of you are really close to achieving your stated goal. I can’t wait to relinquish prizes to those who have met the goal they stated when we started this challenge.

Okay, check in time, how are you doing?

Inspiring You, Days 11-13

It was a very busy weekend. Another six day work week for me pushed aside my desire for getting any writing done and housework. I am seeking better ways to accomplish my goals both for writing and for household/family issues.

My report for this weekend is an increase from 3,119 words to 3,657 words. I wrote some of those during church… just jotting down quick notes about the story while jotting down scriptures and listening to the sermon. I feel bad admitting that… and I promise, I did hear the message. I suppose when I am able to be still and sit quietly, that is when my thoughts can increase and become productive. Another plus of the church service was that we sang The Solid Rock. Within that hymn is the potential title of my book, Sinking Sand… Love that hymn although it is not the easiest to sing with all of its change in tempo.

Anyway, I’m so excited for all of you who wrote so much this weekend. Keep it up!

What’s your current report?

Keep Me Accountable – Day 25, 26, 27, 28

Are you familiar with the teacup?

Not the one you drink from, but the carnival ride, “teacup.”  It may be called something else where you live. It may be called something different where I live… but I refer to it as the teacup. My daughter loves to ride it on the carousel at the mall. You sit in it and spin yourself around, as fast as you can, while the carousel is running.

This week has been one long, but good, teacup ride…

Day 25 – I don’t remember if I wrote. I do remember it was my husband’s 34th birthday –

Happy Birthday, Hon…  We went to dinner and got home late. The kiddos were with us and my daughter begged for a pink balloon. Of course, the restaurant had one and graciously gave it to her.

Day 26 – I don’t think I wrote that day either. It seems the day was a rush from beginning to end. Thursday after work, I baked a cake for my husband’s birthday, with my daughter’s help. God bless my dear husband that he doesn’t get caught up in the details of life. Some people may be upset that their spouse didn’t do something special to recognize their birthday… and that the special something came a day late.

Day 27 – I don’t think I wrote that day either. Am I repeating myself here? I do remember working until 8pm that night. I was working a later shift, so I was only supposed to work until 7pm. But when you’ve been up since six and running wild trying to get everything accomplished BEFORE you arrived at the office, working an hour over tends to make you feel a little put out. Oh, well, duty calls and I tend to be willing to answer that call of duty since those paychecks help put food on the table and support my writing career.

Day 28 – I didn’t write today. I was back at work, anticipating a storm system that could generate a whole lotta work for my office. I did accomplish something, though. I read entries for a couple of contests I’m judging. Reading for one contest helped remind me where I’ve been in my writing. Reading for the other contest shows me where I want to go.

Which is why I’ve got to get back to writing and let everything else go for one more week!

I’ve been riding this insane teacup for the last four days. It’s time to step off, regroup, and get back into a normal, more calm schedule.


What have you all been up to this week?

Oh, and here’s my current word count:  56,460

Keep Me Accountable – Day 24

Writing report:
Four hours ended up being 3 and a half once the coffee was brewed and the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher.

I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I forced myself not to dive into housework, reminded myself it would be there when I was ready to tackle it and vowed myself I would return to finish it.

I rewrote an existing scene and worked on a new one. All in all, it was a productive afternoon. Yay!

Current Word Count: 56,523

Keep Me Accountable – Day 23

If I could draw a big ZERO on this blog, I would do it. It would show how much writing I accomplished on Monday – Day 23.

But this dry spell won’t last. Nope. I’m putting an end to it tomorrow.

Day 24 is full of promise… How many words can one write in 4 hours?

I’ll be back to tell you all about it. I prayerfully hope this will not be an afternoon of distractions.  I pray the same for you.

Keep Me Accountable – Day 18

I wanted to help start your day with a pretty sunset taken on Lake Lanier in Georgia.

Waving to my sister in law, Kari, who is celebrating a birthday today. She works near the lake and can probably enjoy a scene like this from her office. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Yesterday was a no writing day. Not because I didn’t want to write, but sometimes, business and responsibilities take over.

That’s okay. Today will be a better day. It’s back to my normal routine. Like a child, I do better when my normal routine isn’t interrupted.

I only have 12 days until my deadline day of April 30. I wanted to have the book finished and pretty much edited by then. I’d better stomp the proverbial “gas” on this one then, as my time is quickly running out!!!