Update on Tonka

She went through surgery Friday and they found it was an obstruction. We couldn’t imagine what it could be. The doctor saved the pieces for us. Later that evening it dawned on my husband that it couldn’t be a piece of wood or bark – that’s what it looked like – it had to be a corn cob!

Not that we give her corn cobs to chew on, but she is such a little scavenger she is always sitting by the dinner table hoping we’ll drop something. Baby girl usually answers that prayer for Tonka. When we realized it was a broken up piece of corn in Tonka’s tummy I realized the last time we had that for dinner, at least a month had passed! A month! I am not quick enough to come between the bulldog and food and wasn’t able to get it away from her – obviously!

Prayers have been answered! God is so good. Thanks so much for those who were praying with us. Some may think it’s silly to worry so much over a dog, but when they are with you every day for eight years, they quickly become part of the family and most pet-owners would agree.

Today is Sunday and Tonka has a bit of a spring in her step! She’ll get her staples out next week. We can tell she’s definitely on the road to recovery. However the next time we’re serving corn on the cob as a side for dinner, I think I’ll shave some kernels off for my daughter and make sure, just to be on the safe side, Tonka’s far away from the dinner table!

3 thoughts on “Update on Tonka

  1. WOW! Thats amazing! I’m glad she’s doing better- we have a doggie like this too- Sam our mutt. He seems to always find a way to get into trouble like this too…..gotta love ’em!

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