Writing at work does work!

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Are you a writer, but working a full time job elsewhere? Are you down and out because you seem to have NO time to write? Believe me, I’m there.

I was too tired from a heavy work load on my 9-5 to get up early and write. I was too tired once I came home, took care of family business, to stay up late & write. My days became filled with sleeping and working and trying to fit family time somewhere in between. The pages of the calendar kept rolling back while I knew precious time was being wasted where my writing production was concerned.

Something was amiss.

I own a laptop, (here, I thump myself on my head)… Stop whining about wanting an AlphaSmart (who cares that they’re only 1 pound and are easier to transport than the Dell ?!) you’ve got a perfectly good laptop that sits at home all day and doesn’t get any use whatsoever!

Of course, write using my laptop – a very nice Dell, a portable CPU that can go anywhere! Yes, this is why I own a laptop!

And one good idea led to another — an excuse to buy a new Vera Bradley. It’s a beautiful blue, large bag that hides my laptop very well.

Now, I’ll be frank with you. I am not especially creative at work. My mind is full of policy and figures, not what my characters need to do next. I’m sure I’m not alone among you writers out there, but where we can use our time wisely is at midday, on our lunch break. I can’t feel bad that I can’t churn out new chapters in a brief one hour increment, however I can review what I’ve already written, review my critique partner’s comments, don my editor’s cap, and do some much needed tweaking.

If only one hour a day is spent on my WIP, that’s more than I would’ve had if I’d done nothing at all. And I found when I put in that hour of writing, I was more in tune to finding time later that evening or even early the next morning to continue working where I’d left off. The result is more words on the page, new words on the page, closer to the point we all want to come to when writing a novel and that’s, THE END.