Tuesday Tip: The Alpha Smart 3000

The Alpha Smart 3000 I purchased off Ebay,thanks to my dear husband’s dedication to monitoring the bidding and making sure I hooked up with the right seller, arrived last Thursday.

Despite what a crazy and busy day I had a work yesterday, I managed to take a lunch break {Applause!} and find a great hiding place to write. Yesterday was the first day I put my Alpha to use. The results?

A great writing hour! Er, really, thirty minutes once I got to my writing space and set up. Nevertheless – I wrote 797 words! {More Applause!}

I’ll admit, the writing was bare-bones and I’m sure I did a lot of telling, but the point of the lunch hour was to just write. Write bad if that’s all you can do. Editing your work, sometimes over and over, makes your writing shine.

To boast about the Alpha, it is lightweight and so much more compact than my laptop. I literally sat it on my lap, propped slightly against the steering wheel and I was set.

Since it’s a Alpha Smart 3000, it’s older. The keys aren’t as gentle as you find on your computer or the newer models of Alphas, but it got the job done.

When I came home, uploading the project to my computer was a snap. Slide the USB cable in the slots, open up MSWord and ta-dah! Alpha sends each word right into my CPU. Ready for me to edit and insert in my manuscript.

Now, off to edit!

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