Slice of Life: Marathon Saturday

Today has been a marathon kind of day.

No, I don’t mean I ran a marathon. Pulleeeze! I’d have to be running for my life to attempt one of those and then I’d probably question if running was the only way for me to save my life.

When I say marathon, I mean I broke down and did some much needed housework. I swept the floors – needed to vacuum but ran out of time for that chore – I dusted – I did the laundry – I folded laundry ( I separate these chores out because I’m notorious for starting something and not finishing it ) – I went to WalMart.

I was actually calm for the most part – of my trip to Walmart. Usually, the adventure at Walmart is one that leaves me flustered and downright irritated. Dollface was running up the isles as usual, but I kept calm. I suppose my hormones weren’t on overdrive today and that was how I was able to remain tranquil amidst the ruckus of a Saturday at WallyWorld.

And then, after a full day of doing all of the above…. drum roll please, I cooked!

Yes, I cooked. That is a feat in itself. By the end of the day my back and legs were aching so bad I just knew I’d collapse come bedtime. Dollface was still running off some kind of nuclear energy I don’t comprehend. My mother claims at 4 years old I didn’t have that much energy so I blame her father’s side of the family for her 100mph speed. (I blame them, kindly and I’m smiling – I wouldn’t trade my Dollface and her energy for anything!)

As for writing, I did manage to edit some early scenes I’d written and re-write a new one. I’m getting closer to the end, but am even closer to the big point of the story where everything falls apart. In fiction, that’s the pinnacle we as writers are climbing to achieve.

All in all, today I learned if I remain calm, things will be handled better than if I blow my top and then feel bad about it later. I am thankful for my job, thankful for my family, for my home and that I am able to find small amounts of the day to write. In the end, being thankful for whatever God has given us, is the main thing to pull us into a new day.