Making Changes

On Sunday, I blogged on FAITH how there is a time for everything. Every second of every day, I try to accomplish something, but one thing that is a consistent slip for me is meal planning. I find myself busy with everything, and then, when meal time comes, I’m at a loss. Eating out is getting more and more expensive, plus, it’s unhealthy!

On Julie Jarnagin’s blog,I read about her success using E-mealz. Basically, you choose the store that you shop most frequently and you will receive a customized menu that corresponds with the store’s weekly deals. I just signed up for this and I hope that I can plan more meals for my family and save money in the process. Already, I have an easy meal set up for tonight, something I can pull together in about an hour.


What are some ways you have learned to save time, money and get more accomplished?

Slice of Life: Marathon Saturday

Today has been a marathon kind of day.

No, I don’t mean I ran a marathon. Pulleeeze! I’d have to be running for my life to attempt one of those and then I’d probably question if running was the only way for me to save my life.

When I say marathon, I mean I broke down and did some much needed housework. I swept the floors – needed to vacuum but ran out of time for that chore – I dusted – I did the laundry – I folded laundry ( I separate these chores out because I’m notorious for starting something and not finishing it ) – I went to WalMart.

I was actually calm for the most part – of my trip to Walmart. Usually, the adventure at Walmart is one that leaves me flustered and downright irritated. Dollface was running up the isles as usual, but I kept calm. I suppose my hormones weren’t on overdrive today and that was how I was able to remain tranquil amidst the ruckus of a Saturday at WallyWorld.

And then, after a full day of doing all of the above…. drum roll please, I cooked!

Yes, I cooked. That is a feat in itself. By the end of the day my back and legs were aching so bad I just knew I’d collapse come bedtime. Dollface was still running off some kind of nuclear energy I don’t comprehend. My mother claims at 4 years old I didn’t have that much energy so I blame her father’s side of the family for her 100mph speed. (I blame them, kindly and I’m smiling – I wouldn’t trade my Dollface and her energy for anything!)

As for writing, I did manage to edit some early scenes I’d written and re-write a new one. I’m getting closer to the end, but am even closer to the big point of the story where everything falls apart. In fiction, that’s the pinnacle we as writers are climbing to achieve.

All in all, today I learned if I remain calm, things will be handled better than if I blow my top and then feel bad about it later. I am thankful for my job, thankful for my family, for my home and that I am able to find small amounts of the day to write. In the end, being thankful for whatever God has given us, is the main thing to pull us into a new day.

Children’s Devotional Bibles

When my husband and I came to the difficult decision to look for another church home, I knew I needed to take action with our daughter. Searching for a new place to worship has been hard on our four year old and in essence makes the move harder on us as parents. Until we decided to move on, I had depended on what my daughter learned at church and on the Bible songs we sang in the car to be her soul means of learning about God. Wasn’t I doing the right thing?

Of course I was, I told myself. I work. I’m gone ten hours a day. When I come home, we need to have time to play, sometimes I cook and for a time I was teaching Sunday School and I needed to prepare for my bible lessons. We had to go here and there. We had to go to Mission Friends and Sunday school and Children’s choir. My husband needed my time and I had to have time to write – because that’s my personal goal….


There was always so much that flew ahead of me, things I was reaching for and thought I needed to accomplish.

So when we decided to look for another church home, that meant I wasn’t teaching a bible lesson to my daughter anymore on Sundays. You see, when half of that equation was removed, I saw how I was failing as a parent. That equation was never complete. Are you with me?

We parents are models for our kids behaviors. Any of you failing out there? Me too. My hand is up right along with you. I still have temper tantrums at 33! Why should I expect my daughter to behave any different when her role model can completely lose it at times?

I’m going to make mistakes. If I make a mistake in front of my child I apologize and tell her where Mommy went wrong. That’s one small piece of this puzzle. The main thing I was missing was instilling my values in her. The core of my being. I wasn’t showing my daughter to put God first, before everything else.

I was busy with everything else and then I’d pray for my own behavior because I was too tired and worn out and then I was slipping as a mom. I pray for the hand of God over my patience and wisdom on guiding my daughter. Through this difficult time of looking for another church home, separating from people I truly care about and worshipped with, I found God again. He’s always been there. He never left me.

My daughter was given this devotional bible by her aunt at least a year ago. It’s been sitting on the shelf, I’m sorry to say. But goodness, I was busy – Excuses, excuses….

I started using God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible as a way to share God with my daughter. Why shouldn’t she begin the habit of studying God’s word? She’s four. I’m trying to teach her manners, so why shouldn’t part of what I teach her be to love God and give Him the first fresh moments of her day?

When she wakes up in the morning, she loves for me to sit with her and watch TV. This is the time I read a devotion from this bible to her. Just a few pages a day, reading that takes five minutes. The Little Princess Devotional Bible is packed with colorful pages and interesting pictures that will get your pre-schooler and older child’s attention. It gives you reading material that follows along with the Bible. Its format is one that you feel you are reading a story, but what you’re doing is sharing God’s values with the most important person in your life.

Shelia also offers one for the special young man in your life.

I highly recommend you start good, Godly habits with your children now. It helps me to rise each morning and have quiet time with God. It’s amazing what is revealed during those times. God’s word is timeless, and I want my daughter to have the benefit of knowing God, wearing His full armor as she goes to school and moves forward in her life.

If you’re looking for another way to share God with your child, I highly recommend these two fun tools. As parents, we are planters. Simply put, we are planting seeds for our child’s life. It will be the seeds enriched with God’s values that will truly blossom.