Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Awards Finalists

Congratulations to Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Awards Finalists!!!

Winners will be announced October 1, 2011
** denotes a member of GRW

Contemporary Series, Published

  • Kathy Lyons, Under His Spell
  • Trish Milburn, Elly: Cowgirl Bride**
  • Rita Herron, Unbreakable Bond**
  • Kathy Lyons, Taking Care of Business
  • Kimberly Lang, What Happens in Vegas

Historical, Published

  • Margaret Mallory, Knight of Passion
  • Vanessa Kelly, Sex and the Single Earl
  • Caroline Fyffe, Montana Dawn

Inspirational, Published

  • Deeanne Gist, Maid to Match
  • Anne Greene, Masquerade Marriage
  • Leanna Ellis, Facelift
  • Virginia Smith, Third Time’s a Charm
  • Trish Perry, The Perfect Blend

Paranormal, Published

  • Kalayna Price, Grave Witch
  • Helen Scott Taylor, The Phoenix Charm
  • Patti O’Shea, In the Darkest Night
  • Robin D. Owens, Heart Journey
  • D. Renee Bagby, Eris

Single Title, Published

  • Laura Moore, Remember Me
  • Lorelle Marinello, Salting Roses
  • Deeanne Gist & J. Mark Bertrand, Beguiled
  • Wendy Wax, Magnolia Wednesdays**
  • Karen White, On Folly Beach**

Young Adult, Published

  • Maureen Hardegree, Haint Misbehavin’**
  • Trish Mills, Winter Longing**
  • Traci Hall, Wiccan Cool
  • Gillian Summers, Shadows of the Redwood**
  • Melanie Dickerson, The Healer’s Apprentice

Contemporary Series, Unpublished

  • Ruth Homrighaus, Companion Wanted
  • Elaine Miller, Vanished
  • Terry Poca, Breaking the Rules**
  • Susan May, Doctor’s Newfound Family**
  • Rebecca Samson, A Future for Abby

Single Title, Unpublished

  • Sharon Wray, Juliet’s Rogue
  • Laura Templeton, The Waters and the Wild**
  • Sandra Tilley, Honeysuckle Wine
  • Heather Nickodem, Red Sky at Night
  • Gloria Richard, Color My World
  • Petria Aubol, Yeehaw Paisano

Historial, Unpublished

  • Jennifer McQuiston, A Private Affair**
  • Dora Mekauar w/as Diana Quincey, Tempting Bella
  • Meredith Simmons, Shadow Dancer
  • Meredith Simmons, Chameleon
  • Carol Hayes w/as Elise Hayes, Lady Unbound

Inspirational, Unpublished

  • Dianna Shuford, Charmed Deception**
  • Stacy Monson, Living Peace
  • Katy Lee, Baffled
  • Katy Lee, Real Virtue
  • Walt Mussell, The Samurai’s Heart**

Paranormal/Fantasy, Unpublished

  • Heather Molloy, Murphy’s Law
  • Rebecca Skrable, The Devil of Whitechapel
  • Wendy Anderson, A Pack of Two
  • Sherry McNabb, Homecoming
  • Pat Eckhoff, Prince of the Four Seas

Young Adults, Unpublished

  • Natasha Hacaga, Awaken
  • Terry Poca, Timeless Love**
  • Bonnie Staring, Camp Awakening
  • Daphne Gray, Out the Backdoor
  • Romily Bernard, Wired**
  • Romily Bernard, Ashes**