Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Awards Finalists

Congratulations to Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Awards Finalists!!!

Winners will be announced October 1, 2011
** denotes a member of GRW

Contemporary Series, Published

  • Kathy Lyons, Under His Spell
  • Trish Milburn, Elly: Cowgirl Bride**
  • Rita Herron, Unbreakable Bond**
  • Kathy Lyons, Taking Care of Business
  • Kimberly Lang, What Happens in Vegas

Historical, Published

  • Margaret Mallory, Knight of Passion
  • Vanessa Kelly, Sex and the Single Earl
  • Caroline Fyffe, Montana Dawn

Inspirational, Published

  • Deeanne Gist, Maid to Match
  • Anne Greene, Masquerade Marriage
  • Leanna Ellis, Facelift
  • Virginia Smith, Third Time’s a Charm
  • Trish Perry, The Perfect Blend

Paranormal, Published

  • Kalayna Price, Grave Witch
  • Helen Scott Taylor, The Phoenix Charm
  • Patti O’Shea, In the Darkest Night
  • Robin D. Owens, Heart Journey
  • D. Renee Bagby, Eris

Single Title, Published

  • Laura Moore, Remember Me
  • Lorelle Marinello, Salting Roses
  • Deeanne Gist & J. Mark Bertrand, Beguiled
  • Wendy Wax, Magnolia Wednesdays**
  • Karen White, On Folly Beach**

Young Adult, Published

  • Maureen Hardegree, Haint Misbehavin’**
  • Trish Mills, Winter Longing**
  • Traci Hall, Wiccan Cool
  • Gillian Summers, Shadows of the Redwood**
  • Melanie Dickerson, The Healer’s Apprentice

Contemporary Series, Unpublished

  • Ruth Homrighaus, Companion Wanted
  • Elaine Miller, Vanished
  • Terry Poca, Breaking the Rules**
  • Susan May, Doctor’s Newfound Family**
  • Rebecca Samson, A Future for Abby

Single Title, Unpublished

  • Sharon Wray, Juliet’s Rogue
  • Laura Templeton, The Waters and the Wild**
  • Sandra Tilley, Honeysuckle Wine
  • Heather Nickodem, Red Sky at Night
  • Gloria Richard, Color My World
  • Petria Aubol, Yeehaw Paisano

Historial, Unpublished

  • Jennifer McQuiston, A Private Affair**
  • Dora Mekauar w/as Diana Quincey, Tempting Bella
  • Meredith Simmons, Shadow Dancer
  • Meredith Simmons, Chameleon
  • Carol Hayes w/as Elise Hayes, Lady Unbound

Inspirational, Unpublished

  • Dianna Shuford, Charmed Deception**
  • Stacy Monson, Living Peace
  • Katy Lee, Baffled
  • Katy Lee, Real Virtue
  • Walt Mussell, The Samurai’s Heart**

Paranormal/Fantasy, Unpublished

  • Heather Molloy, Murphy’s Law
  • Rebecca Skrable, The Devil of Whitechapel
  • Wendy Anderson, A Pack of Two
  • Sherry McNabb, Homecoming
  • Pat Eckhoff, Prince of the Four Seas

Young Adults, Unpublished

  • Natasha Hacaga, Awaken
  • Terry Poca, Timeless Love**
  • Bonnie Staring, Camp Awakening
  • Daphne Gray, Out the Backdoor
  • Romily Bernard, Wired**
  • Romily Bernard, Ashes**

The Reluctant Writer by Christy LaShea

The title of this post is not for my latest book. Don’t get excited for me as my writing world is as humdrum as the sand in the cracks of my driveway outside…. except, I think even the sand has some sparkly sediment to it that makes it quite interesting. If I were writing, there may be some spark in my writing world too. But, I’m not and it’s not. 

The title of this post simply represents where I am right now. I’ve got ideas in my head, but when I sit down at the computer, it just won’t happen. I spend too long wasting time on things that produce intangible things that will fade as quickly as they are written or read. I’m speaking of Facebook status messages, emails, blah, blah, blah…

So here I am, on my blog where I can whine and either you’ll read it and move on, or read it and comment. It is your choice and I’m not requiring either. 

A bit of writing-related news is that the Maggie Contest is about to draw to a close for entries. The deadline is June 10. That’s a Friday and I believe is only about 2 weeks away, or less. I would love to enter my historical. Last I heard, there were no Inspirational entries and Charlene Patterson of Bethany House is the editor who would be the final judge AND will be at our M&M conference this year. So, if you have any sort of inspirational story, I say get your entry in soon. It’s the first 35 pages, and that includes a synopsis in that page count.  The website is

What are you waiting on?
Please don’t wait on me… I may not happen.

So I’m thinking I will begin to post my progress again…. Writing progress that is… The good or the ugly, I will post what I’m up to. June 10 is the deadline for the Maggie. Can I have 30 pages ready to go with a synopsis?

If you want to participate, share what you will be working on…

On a side note, I learned a friend of mine gave up on contests. She was frustrated with the feedback she received and decided to start querying agents. After about 10-15 rejections out of 50 that she was planning to query, she heard back from an agent and got an offer. How wonderful for her! Waving at Melanie!

What do you think? Query, Query, Query, or do Contests, Contests, Contests to secure success?

I think the first step is writing. You’ve got to write the best book you know how.

And we all know how that’s going for me….

Keep Me Accountable – Day 21

Today I’m headed to the Georgia Romance Writer’s workshop Break Into Fiction.

Workshops and writer’s meetings usually inspire me to write more, to be excited about my story. So far today, I haven’t written anything new. I’ve got to hurry off and print off the “homework” for the workshop.

But you know me and meetings. Hopefully I will stay focused and glean all the good writerly information I can from this workshop. However, if I begin to drift off into day dream land, I pray, I will be thinking about the new scenes I need to write and maybe, if I’m really bold, I’ll just write those new scenes in the middle of the workshop.

Hopefully, osmosis will kick in and some of the great info I expect to get out of this workshop will sink into my sometimes thick skull.  I’ll let you know.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Maggie Awards, Saturday October 3, 2009

The Georgia Romance Writers held their Moonlight & Magnolias Conference this weekend and Saturday night was the Maggie awards.
A very special treat for me… my hubby came along as my date. Here we are before the Awards Ceremony.

And here are the results:

1st Place ~ Keli Gwyn, Violets & Violins

Kelli was in California and unable to attend the Maggies. She gave a wonderful acceptance speech from her cell phone, while our own GRW member, Walt, held the phone to the microphone. If I’d been using my head, I would have taken a picture of Walt holding the phone to the mic!

Congratulations, Kelli! I know we’ve seen you visit the FAITH blog in the past! We’re celebrating with you!

2nd Place ~ Christine Johnson, The Aviatrix

3rd Place ~ Belinda Peterson, Dreaming of You

Look how beautiful she looks!!! Lindi is such a wonderful encourager! I will never forget my second GRW meeting (the first had been about 2-3 years earlier and I’d been too afraid to return until 2006). I sat down beside Lindi and she made me feel like we’d been friends forever. And then she introduced me to Missy, another great encourager, and ACFW… The rest is history. Congratulations, my friend!

4th Place ~ Cara Slaughter, Love on Assignment

Honorable Mention
~ Christy LaShea, The Bridge Between
~ Dianna Shuford, Racing Against Time

~ I was honored to have tied with my critique partner.

It was an honor to have been a Maggie finalist, especially with these two great ladies!

What are you celebrating? I’d love to learn about it and celebrate with you!